Weekend Snaps

WEEKEND SNAPS. Because I take so many photos and never share.

It is no big secret that I love to take photos. I’ve had a camera of some sort attached to my hand since I  was 7 years old and I was gifted a blue plastic camera with a disposable flash and real film. It was all I really wanted and I put it to good use. Some things never change.

So I thought I would start sharing a bit of our weekends and what makes them fun, what makes them sad or thoughtful and what makes them mine.

And honestly, I own this minuscule corner of the internet and I can do what I want here. Ha! It will be a hodge podge of subjects and photos, but real life.

Here goes, all from my phone or someone else’s:

Sabbath afternoon view | Snooze by the pool and watch the clouds roll by

At church that morning, my dear friend Sandra handed me a jar of something from her purse. At first I was confused because the last time she did this, it was a jar of homemade whiskey sauce. 😉 This time it was homemade strawberry jam that is DELISH.

After church lunch with old friends | Chef’s Market, one of our favorite places

2016-06-13 11.30.38

BUCKET LIST | Chad and I received last minute passes to the CMAFest and I finally got to hear and see Steven Tyler play a few favorites live with 75,000 other fans. A FAVORITE LIFE MOMENT to add to so many others.

Sweet Friends | Thanks to Linda for making sure we took a selfie before heading home after the Steven Tyler show. Drew, Linda, myself

Sunday Morning Vibes | I ran down to The Urban Juicer first thing Sunday morning to grab a Well-Being juice to jumpstart my week of healthy(er) eating.

Mom/Daughter Date | My sweet Maggie surprised me by planning our Sunday afternoon together while I grabbed a quick shower. When I saw this, my heart melted. So we ran out and tried to do everything on the list. We didn’t get to every single thing but we enjoyed our time together after she had asked for time with just me for weeks now. Love her.

First Cinnabon | I introduced Mags to the wonderful world of Cinnabon. She is in love now! I ditched my healthy eating plan for an afternoon treat with this girl. Worth every calorie!

Cinnabon Heaven | I’m late the game, possibly, but did you know that Cinnabon has a cup of Center-Of-The-Roll cinnamon?!?! I think I have found my new favorite! Mmmmm.

Shopping with this child is always a pleasure | Love having Opry Mills so close by to run and grab things when we need them.

Favorite girl. <3

Chef Chad | My sweet husband always is on board when I jump back into healthy eating. I dug into my amazing salmon/avocado salad before I got a photo, but it was worthy of a magazine shot. He had made this deliciousness and had it ready when I walked in the door from our ladies afternoon. This was all that was left. I devoured it.


As for other events of the weekend in Orlando, I can’t NOT mention it. Chad was born and raised in Orlando. That is his original home. So many friends there and family still and the tragedies that unfolded this weekend are heartbreaking to say the least. Many people that we know work at one of the main hospitals there that I’m sure saw the victims as they rolled in. I can’t imagine.I would like to publicly solicit your prayers for that city and the family & friends of all those that are gone now.

I also want to remind people that you can’t live in fear. Yes, this happened. And yes, when I was at the CMAFest with 75,000 people Saturday night, don’t think that these thoughts didn’t creep into my mind as I walked around for hours there. But I didn’t voice it. There is no reason. I said a prayer for safety in my mind and knew that was all that I could personally do and then I moved on and enjoyed myself. How shocking it was to me to find out the next morning that something DID happen at a venue/event that same night, just in a different place, with different people.:(It broke my heart. But I  urge you to not let this change the way you live and love and enjoy the days that we have here.



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