Happy 615 Day and a New Blog!

Welcome to my new blog, friends and clients!

I am so happy to be introducing this space to you and I have so many posts that I have been wanting to share. Lots of fun photos saved around this laptop of mine that I know a lot of you have been waiting on. Those are coming with time, I promise!

Please join me on this journey and feel free to share my space with any other design lovers, remodel-a-holics and/or Nashville fans, because I’m sure a lot of it will be local projects that I get into.

I decided to begin my blog’s journey today, on 615 Day for Nashville and surrounding areas, because it seemed fitting. I’m a numbers type of girl and I needed a start date that meant something to me. Nashville has been good to us. More than good. We have been living and working here for 13 years this summer and I have never regretted a moment of being here. I’m glad we took the chance to jump into the music scene so long ago. I supported us in the design field while my husband made his way in the music world and now he is supporting me as I venture back into the design world. It has all paid off! Lots and lots of hard work.

In one year, I will celebrate this space and this career and I will embrace that. For one, because it will keep my mind off of quarterly taxes that I always owe in mid-June. Ha!

Thanks for all of your support as I’ve gotten back into the design industry and have now added home staging to my career. It has been hectic around here as I have begun this endeavor, but all-in-all, I know I made the right life choice with all of this.

Stay tuned for a new post this afternoon with some gorgeous photos. Yessssss. You will want to see it!



aka The Interior Maven

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