Fresh Branding for Amanda Carlson Interiors (by The Branding Addicts)




It had been a long time coming, but I finally set out to have some fresh branding done for my NEW business name, Amanda Carlson Interiors, and Laine from The Branding Addicts was PERFECT. More on her in a second, but a little explanation on my name change recently…..

I loved the name The Interior Maven (and many of my trade + vendor accounts are still under that name due to my business license), but it was time to just simplify things and start using my real name. After almost 2 years of being known as The Interior Maven, I began working under Amanda Carlson Interiors in December. There were a couple of reasons for this: 1)  I found out there was a similar design name here in Nashville and it was getting a little confusing and 2) I knew that my work might be published in the near future and a PR person told me it was best for it just to be my name. So, after agonizing over it for a good week, I went for it!

I had always felt kind of weird to put my name in there because I guess it felt sort of like an ego trip, but then I realized that the company IS me. And that’s okay. And now after 6 months of doing that, it has gotten slightly less weird to see my name on everything. (Only slightly – still weird though.)

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Laine from The Branding Addicts

I had already secured Laine from The Branding Addicts (above – isn’t she adorable?) to do my branding before I made this decision and so it slowed down my process on my end. I took forever because it was such a change in my brain that I had to honestly wrap my mind around it and what I wanted this new branding idea to look like. I knew it had to look like ME since it is me.

I wanted clean and sleek and minimalist.

I wanted easy to read.

I wanted welcoming.

I wanted easy to remember and recognize.

I wanted to bridge the waters between feminine and masculine.

I wanted the logo portion to speak for itself. And I think it does.

Here is my new branding suite!


What do you think?! I am in LOVE with the colors, the textures, the entire cohesiveness of it all. (Thank you, Laine!)


Laine was a dream to work with and I think that we achieved this list of wants together. Although, I’m sure that I drove her nuts with not getting back with her on emails in a very timely manner! I was probably the worst client because I am extremely picky and it took me sometimes a couple of weeks to mull something over before I had a response or knew how to direct her. It was basically me figuring out my stuff and being busy that I didn’t have quick response time while she had to wait around for that to happen before she could move forward. (I’m so sorry, Laine, but you were awesome!)


She nailed my mood board, she nailed my colors, she nailed the logo……everything. So, I wanted to finally share that here and what direction I’m going with my branding just because I’m so excited about it! I still have to change everything over on my website and here on my blog, but that will come with time. I do that myself, so I honestly just have to find the time to sit and do it. And I can guarantee it won’t be in May! This is my insanely busy month every year. (Working mothers – you know how it is, am I right?!?!)

I have already talked to Laine about doing some more work for me going forward, but for right now I’m ecstatic that this is complete and ready to use and I hope you love it, too.  If you want to see more updates from me on the blog, click over on the left under “Sign Up Here” and they will start coming to your inbox.

(Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @amandacarlsoninteriors and on FB at The Interior Maven – FB won’t grant me a name change yet. Ugh. Come on, FB, help a sister out!)


xoxo – Amanda Carlson


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